Single / Double Rotor Paddle Mixure (Continuous)


A form of worm conveyor having two noncontiguous spirals that form paddles; the shafts are countrarotating and the spirals opposite. The rotating paddles divide and blend sequentially the mass of product and generate a quick and intense movement of each particle through the mixing chamber (convection). Due to the defined angle of the paddles, the mixer shows an excellent axial and radial dispersion. Using choppers, additional energy is applied to the product to break up lumps and ensure the dispersion of any agglomerates or liquids. They are also used for granulation processes as well. The mixing time depends on the desired process and the characteristics of products involved. For standard mixing applications the mixing time varies between 3 to 5 minutes. For emptying, the product is transported to the outlet valve for a quick and complete discharge of the mixer.


For continuous mixing processes. The mixer is suitable for mixing a wide range of powder etc.


Single Rotor, Double Rotor, different type of paddle.


  • Universal mixer for various applications
  • Robust design
  • Process capabilities
  • High throughput
  • Good mixing homogeneity
Single / Double Rotor Paddle Mixure (Continuous)