Rotary Drum Mixture (Continuous)


Rotary Drum Mixer is a quick, efficient, and the ideal gentle industrial mixer with a low speed and no moving parts inside the drum. The unique mixing blades are fully welded to the rotating drum and completely fluidise the mixture with every revolution, the combination of low speed and no moving parts within the drum mixer produce a no shear, gentle mixing action.


Rotary Drum Mixer is perfect for delicate, friable or abrasive materials. Mixer for continuous processes. The mixer is suitable for mixing a wide range of powders, flakes and granulates and also viscous products. Spraying with liquids and thermal processes are very effective. Easy to clean. Within the fluidised mixture powders and granules of widely different bulk densities and particle size can move freely ensuring a rapid and efficient mix.


Quick Mining:Short length to diameter ratio for quicker end to end mixing
Gentle Mixing:The fixed contra flow blades lift and quickly transfer the fluidised product around the mixer.
Efficient:The fluidised ingredients ensure highly efficient mixing of trace and minor additions.
Low power:Low rotational drum speed and the minimum number of mixing blades
reduce power requirements.
Complete discharge:All the fluidised contents are discharged via the combined inlet and outlet
Safety and easy to clean:The totally enclosed mixing drum is easily inspected or cleaned via a large access door fitted with a code key interlock.
Low costs:Minimum power requirements and maintenance free operation for longer periods of continuous running.
Rotary Drum Mixture (Continuous)