Vibrating Feeder


Vibratory feeder is an instrument that uses vibration to “feed” material to a process or machine. Vibratory feeders use both vibration and gravity to move material. Gravity is used to determine the direction, either down, or down and to a side, and then vibration is used to move the material. They are mainly used to transport a large number of smaller objects. A Vibrating Conveyor is a machine with a solid conveying surface which is turned up on the side to form a trough. Vibrating conveyor is based on a combination of natural frequency and positive drive action that result in low operating power requirements with minimal stress on drive components. The positive action eccentric drive ensures constant amplitude under most operating conditions.
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They are used extensively in food grade applications where sanitation, washdown, and low maintenance are essential..Vibrating feeder will handle nearly any material, regardless of size and bulk density in a reliable and economical manner. Due to the fixed nature of the conveying pans vibrating conveyors can also perform tasks such as sorting, screening, classifying and orienting parts. Vibrating conveyors have been built to convey material at angles exceeding 45° from horizontal using special pan shapes.

Vibrating feeder units can be multifunctional, and are able to convey, dry, cool, scalp, screen, quench, dewater, orient, accumulate, separate, distribute and more.


Suspended or floor mounted, reciprocating or oscillating, oscillating through unbalancing mass or through vibrating motor, scalping or screening type etc.

Vibrating Feeder