Vertical Screw (Verto Lift)


Vertical screw consist of metal flights, each formed as a helix and mounted on a pipe or solid shaft when necessary. The helicoids type is made by cold rolling a continuous strip to form a helix of desired diameter, pitch and thickness to fit a given pipe or shaft.


The vertical screw conveyor is ideal for elevating, distributing, reclaiming an exceptionally wide range of bulk materials efficiently in a minimum valuable floor space. If your material is not extremely abrasive and conveyed in horizontal screw conveyor application it can be elevated in a verto lift conveyor without many of the problems inherent in other type of elevating equipments. The verto lift conveyor can be used in several configurations for a variety of materials.


Standard pitch, variable pitch, short pitch, stepped pitch, tapered flight, stepped flight, etc.

Vertical Screw (Verto Lift)