Roller Conveyor


A series of rollers supported in a frame at a required roller pitch which loads are transported manually by pushing, gravity or by power. The rotation of the rollers pushes the product along the conveyor. The shaft is usually driven by an electrical motor that is generally controlled by an electronic PLC (programmable logic controller). The PLC electronically controls how specific sections of the conveyor system interact with the products being conveyed.


Roller conveyor makes the handling of such heavy equipment / products easier and more time effective. This type of conveyor are used in many different types of industries such as automotive and retail. Chain driven live roller conveyors are used for single or bi-directional material handling. Pallet accumulation conveyors are powered through a mechanical clutch.This is used instead of individually powered and controlled sections of conveyors. Multi-strand chain conveyors are used for double pitch roller chains. Products that cannot be moved on traditional roller conveyors can be moved by a multi-strand chain conveyor.Chain & roller onveyors are short runs of two or more strands of double pitch chain conveyor built into a chain driven line roller conveyor.


Gravity type, powered type, chain type, belt type, line shaft type, flat type single or double roller, tapered roller powered by gear, chains, or narrow belt on bottom, expandable / collapsible flexible roller type or skate wheel type conveyor.

Roller Conveyor