Overhead Chain Conveyor

Over head chain conveyors consist of a continuous chain running beneath a continuous, stationary, flanged rail. Individual carriers spaced equidistant along the length of the conveyor are suspended from the chain. The chain pulls the carriers. Vertical support is derived from the fact that the carriers are also connected to a small trolley with wheels that roll cross sections, trolleys and carriers. A few common carriers include a tray, platform or simple hook. We offer a wide range of high quality, reliable conveyor systems. Our specially designed chain pitch can provide 33% more throughput than other overhead chain conveyor systems in the marketplace.


Over head Chain conveyor has been helping to improve productivity and efficiency for manufacturing operations, warehousing and distribution centers around the world. overhead conveyors are used in automotive, computer, electronic, aerospace, chemical, and food processing industries etc.


Free Systems: Hand pushed trolleys.
Power Systems: Hanger type, Trolley type, Chain, drives and a line of horizontal and Vertical curves, etc.
Power & Free Systems: Chain, drives, trolleys with load bars, horizontal and vertical Curves, switches, etc

Overhead Chain Conveyor