Drag Flight Conveyor


Drag Flight Conveyor is a scraper flight conveyor. It consist of a series of metal, wood or plastic flights are attached at uniform intervals to one or two strands of endless chain which moves the flights along in a trough thereby pushing or sliding the material along, the chain or chains passing around sprockets at the end of trough.


For general movement around manufacturing & processing plants and can also to
be used to discharge hoppers such as pellets or when an incline or a upward bend
is needed. Also used for extremely low- to high-temperature areas. Drag chain
conveyor is capable of conveying the material to steep inclination.


All type of standard drag flight conveyor with single chain, double chain and
bolted with various type of flight .


Tapered sides or straight sides trough, single trough one direction or double trough
Two direction conveying with replaceable liner and flight.


Choke detector, automatic chain tensioning, chain brushgear, wear strip / plates / liners, slide valve- manual / pneumatic / morized.

Drag Flight Conveyor