Drag Chain Conveyor


Drag chain conveyor in which the open links of a chain drag material along the bottom of a hard-faced concrete or cast iron / Mild steel trough with liner. It works on dragging action


For free flowing material like powdered, granular, flaked or pelletised dragging, conveying & storing in manufacturing & processing factories. Single, double & multiple strand chain conveyors are the type of drag chain conveyor. Also used for extremely low- to high-temperature areas.


Any type of standard drag chain conveyor with single chain, double chain and Integral scraper bar, welded scraper bar or bolted scraper bar.


Standard rectangle trough, jacketed trough, flat bottom with replaceable liner and scraper.


Choke detector, automatic chain tensioning, chain brushgear, wear strip / plates / liners, slide valve- manual / pneumatic / morized.

Drag Chain Conveyor