Bucket Elevator


A bucket elevator consist of a series of uniformly fed buckets mounted on an endless chain or belt which operates over head and foot wheels.. The material is received at the boot, raised and then discharged by passing over the head wheel at the top, into a discharged chute. Generally this mechanism is enclosed in a casing, specially the head and foot section. Some elevators are self supporting but more often there are supported by, or at least braced against, a structural steel frame.


The bucket elevator are used to elevate ( usually vertically) pulverized, granular or lumpy materials.


Centrifugal discharge or gravity discharge, continuous buckets or spaced buckets on belt or Chains, With various style of buckets to handle suitable material, perforated buckets, deep buckets, nylon, FRP or PVC buckets, harden tip or reinforced buckets, anti abrasive buckets, with special knocker mechanism to discharge sticky material.


Twin leg of single casing, welded, bolted, combination of welded and bolted.

Bucket Elevator